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Step 7. Architectural Controls

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Within today's Master Planned Communities there are many rules, regulations, guidelines and restrictions. This "Rulebook" per say is in essence a strict guideline for builder's working in the Developer's Master Planned Community. The reason why certain communities encompass a feel of theme or a certain design look to them are a direct result of these Architectural Controls. As a builder a necessary step is to submit the plans along with colour choices, exterior finishes, types of materials to be used during construction and where the new home will sit on the property respective of its surroundings. "The Oxford" to be built on one of the Communities most desirable Lake Front lots was placed under extremely strict scrutiny due to the fact that once finished 3 of the 4 sides of the home will be in direct view of the residents and visitors of the Prestigious Neighbourhood of Mahogany. The rear of the home will be on display to the communities much visited Mahogany Beach-club.

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