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Step 15. Moisture Barrier, Weeping Tile and Insulation

Now that we have a foundation, we will need to protect it from the elements. Concrete is a solid material but is permeable. For this reason we must install a moisture barrier to the exterior of the foundation. Of all the different options that presently exist we choose to use the tried and proven material of sprayed on liquid tar. Ground moisture does not only try to enter a foundation through its walls but also through the footings and basement slab. With heavy storms water will permeate through the freshly disturbed soil to the base of the foundation and build up. We solve this issue through the installation of a footing level drainage system. This drainage system is built using weeping tile covered by gravel. The weeping tile will gather the ground water from around the foundation level and deliver it to the home's sump pump where it will then be pumped into the cities storm water system. Our final step is to add a rigid foam insulation layer to the exterior foundation walls to create a thermal break to prevent the cold surrounding earth from absorbing the homes heat thru the exterior foundation walls.

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