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Step 11. Excavation

Now that we have all the approvals, a map layed out of our new home on the lot and dry favourable conditions, we are ready to start the physical build. The excavation portion of the build is of the utmost importance. It is the Excavator's responsibility to dig the hole, to the exact specified depth and outline specified by the surveyors. The depth of the excavated hole effects the future utility drainage, completed building height, around the house drainage and walkout depth. If the hole isn't deep enough or dug too deep this will create large issues upon completion. If the perimeter of the hole isn't large enough the Cribbers or foundation form assembly team will not be able to assemble the forms for the new foundation. It is also the Excavator's responsibility to find the buried electrical, sewer, sanitary and fiberoptic cables for the new home and run them into the new foundation hole.

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