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la Charlize

Charlize Dupras

Since day one, our Baywood Estate Homes team have named our projects off of Inspirational People, Objects and Parts of Society.  When our team collaborated  to decide on the name of our newest build, one came to mind unanimously.  A person who has been truly inspirational, has supported our team and is close to our Baywood Family.  A person who exemplifies natural creativity and incredible artistic talent thru drawing, design and music (both in writing and performing her own songs).  A person who has shared her incredible musical talent during the Grand Release Party of one of our latest builds "The Bentley".   Virtues or Imagination, Design, Innovation and Creation have always formed the foundation of each one of our design/builds so we feel there is not a better person to honour and pay homage to with the naming of our latest build.  Our team is highly honoured to name our latest project "La Charlize".  At 18 years old Charlize is starting her successful  battle with Cancer and to pay further undue honour to Charlize our team will be donating a portion of the post sales net proceeds from the sale of "La Charlize" to Cancer research to further help all facing this courageous fight.

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